Mini war today

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Mini war today

Message par Mack_me_Bucko le Lun 9 Oct - 5:40

Hello All;

Today I was finally able to schedule a game (two games) with another local KS backer. We played two "Pitched Battle" games in about 90 minutes, and in both games, the poor Phoebean fleet died horribly. That is to say, I lost both games! For each of us, it was our first face-to-face game with another gamer (I had played with my 21 year old son before, but he was not really interested in the game).

We both agreed we felt the KS campaign was well done, and the quality of the game was excellent. We hope to meet again, as well as get some other local players to join in.

I will note, there are only three KS backers locally, in a city of 3,000,000 people spread over 22,000 km².

We had one question on the rules, and now I cannot remember what the question was!

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Re: Mini war today

Message par latribuneludique le Lun 9 Oct - 7:29

I moved your post on the English speaking section as we wish more English speaking players to join us... Smile

Next time, you should test scenarios from the main box and extensions, they add a lot of fun to the game. In addition, these battles are faster so you can play more games ! cheers

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