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Thank you to Didier! Empty Thank you to Didier!

Message par Mack_me_Bucko le Sam 2 Déc - 22:48

I just wanted to drop this here, as a huge thank you to Didier at Capsicum Games, the creator of "Genesis".

Nearly two months ago I had messaged him and asked for a few replacement parts, and if possible (pretty please) could I get a few extra of the black flight stands the ships are based on. Didier said he'd look into what he had extra, but he was busy prepping for Essen, and I then pretty much forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise today when the mail carrier dropped off a padded envelope from France with a Capsicum return address! Inside was a "wondrous world of wow", a number of flight stands, some player aid cards, the Battleship replacement disc punchboards, a big handful of dice -- and even some Cruisers and Heavy Battleships!

Merci beaucoup, Didier! I will certainly be watching the future offerings from this company (I really am looking forward to another Kickstarter someday to add a third faction to the game, which would be an excellent development).

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