From the crazy American ....

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From the crazy American ....

Message par Mack_me_Bucko le Mer 9 Mai - 6:12

Hello All;

I've been quiet, as I've been working on a project making vulcanized rubber molds for model train parts ... to be used in my spin-casting machine. Railroads are still my first love, and part of that includes an interest in the tram type lines used in the First World War for supplying the trenches, Decauville lines, etc.

But, the crazy American is at it again with Fleet Commander. A local guy who had backed the KS decided to sell his Genesis set, so I bought it. That makes my sixth Genesis box, but he also had an extra Salvation package, a Fleet Reinforcements, and four of the playmats -- two Orbit and two Deep Space.

His reason for selling was the usual one, he couldn't get his gaming group to play, they wanted to play euros. It's his loss though. I do wish Capsicum would have been able to better serve the US market, but that opportunity has passed.

Are there any small expansions from Capsicum on the horizon?

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Re: From the crazy American ....

Message par latribuneludique le Mer 9 Mai - 10:32

You're really crazy !!! Razz

Well, as Didier launched several polls on the Facebook Page, we could think that he is preparing something...

Fleet Commander de l'Hégémonie d'Amyclès
Connectez-vous à la Tribune d'Hélios pour tout savoir sur Fleet Commander !

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