Long Range Attack & Multipoint Weapons

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Long Range Attack & Multipoint Weapons

Message par latribuneludique le Lun 8 Jan - 15:54

One question from the BGG forum :


Long range attacks allow you to play multiple attack (red) die to hit a target several squares away.

The destroyers' special ability, Multipoint Weapons, states:

An attack die roll used by a ship fitted with Multipoint Weapons ... may be used twice consecutively to ... fire up to 2 squares away, following the directions indicated by the die roll for each square crossed.

So, essentially, you spend 1 red attack dice to hit a target up to two squares away, obeying the directions on the dice rolled.

My question is, can you use the destroyer's Multipoint Weapons ability with multiple attack die, and chain together a very long range attack? For example, I roll 2 diagonal attack die, and I have a destroyer with an enemy ship 4 squares away diagonally. Could I play the two red die, with each one counting two squares per Multipoint Weapons, and attack that enemy ship four squares away?

Thank you!

I would have answered that yes you can use two red dices to make 4 sectors attack...

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Re: Long Range Attack & Multipoint Weapons

Message par Fred le Lun 8 Jan - 16:56

The rule says that we can accumulate several red dice to hit a ship beyond the first square. So if with "multipoints weapon" 1 red die = 2 squares, then 2 red dice = 4 squares, 3 red dices = 6 squares. So i think "yes, it's possible".


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Re: Long Range Attack & Multipoint Weapons

Message par Roolz le Mer 10 Jan - 13:52

That's how I understand it too. That's the simplest way.

However, you could interpret that the Multipoint ability only "works" on one single die per attack: the 1st die (multipoint) goes to 2 spaces, then each additionnal die only adds one space to the range. Seems a bit twisted, however. So I don't think it's the case.

Didier, could you please confirm?


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Re: Long Range Attack & Multipoint Weapons

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